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Default Re: New member looking for advice

I dont think a tumor on the pancreas would affect regulation because dogs in most cases are type one diabetics and don't naturally produce insulin in general and completely dependent on injected insulin Now maybe the general consensus is wrong and many dogs still produce some natural insulin and why some dogs have lower doses than others. It's all an educated guess . Hormones can produce insulin resistance with an intact female in heat but a spayed female if still had an ovary and still cycling you would see more ups and down patterns .

Now the eye problems can affect regulation and cause some resistance as pain can release hormones like cortisol . Now once that is resolved there maybe less insulin needed . So since your dog is feeling better it maybe a good idea to hold at the current dose . May want to take a break from curves for now and just keep spot checking to make sure a low pattern doesnt show up with healing eyes . Once the eyes are healed you can get back to regulating blood sugar .

Hope things continue to improve for your pup . It seems like you 2 are settling in for the long haul
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