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Default Re: New member looking for advice

It's actually a cyst (or most likely that) on/near the pancreas and there is also evidence of previous cysts that drained themselves. It seems to point to either previous pancreatitis which caused pancreas damage and hence diabetes, or un-checked diabetes caused previous pancreatitis leading to damage. They seem to often go hand in hand from what I've be told. And in hindsight, I do remember a couple occasions where she was pretty sick for a day or so, then recovered, possibly the pancreatitis.

Regardless, at this point the cyst may or may not be affecting regulation, and draining it may or may not help. I guess the only new thing to keep in mind is to try to reduce fat intake since there's possibly pancreatitis prone-ness at play.

Good point about the ovarian remnant tumor possibility, you'd think that'd be more up and down. Regardless, we wouldn't operate for that anyhow at this point.

And good advice to keep in mind about still giving 1/4 of starting dose if she doesn't eat. She does seem very dependent on the insulin.

Yeah it does feel like we're on the right track and settling in here around this dose. I bumped her to 18 units today and she was at 622 at 10am, 304 at 3pm, 333 at 5pm. We'll stick here for now, and keep a a close eye on the low points as the eye heals.

Thanks so so much you all, I've definitely gotten good info and support here, and it's helpful to type it all out too. I hope maybe someone else will come across this and be helped out, as I was reading about other's pups. I'll check back in if things change, and to see if I can provide help to anyone else.

One note that may be helpful, I did get the Alphatrax meter and it is significantly faster and overall better than the Test Buddy unit. Also the Alphatrax consistently reads about 20-30 higher than the Test Buddy. I'm assuming it's the more accurate one, but I'll be keeping that in mind if/when we get to lower bounds of blood glucose.
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