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Default Re: New member looking for advice

Hi all, question about insulin adjustments.

Bella has been doing good for almost a month now on 17 units 2x a day. I haven't been testing as often, but the numbers were generally trending downward, from an average high of 500 (at 11am, 3 hrs post meal) and low of 300 (at 3pm). She has also been drinking less water.

Yesterday she seemed to be doing almost too good, and was drinking even less water. I tested her at 3pm and she was at 150. Before mealtime at 8pm she was at 200. Post meal at 11pm she was at 325. I ran out of test strips, but did also do a urine strip test, which showed no glucose in urine, which is a first since her diabetes diagnosis.

This morning post meal she seemed like she was possibly experiencing hypoglycemia for a brief period - shaking, not wanting to move or eat, pale gums. I gave her a little honey, and within 30 minutes or so she seemed better, and ate some food. Finally the new test strips showed up, and at 2pm she was at 330, and 300 just now at 3pm. But this is also post honey and extra food.

So, it seems her numbers are now coming down all of a sudden, and possibly to a dangerous range. Is this unusual after they've been stable on a dosage for a while? What is the usual protocol for reducing the insulin dosage? Or should I withhold it entirely for now?

Unfortunately the vet is closed for the weekend. There is an emergency vet, but I fear that may do more harm than good as they don't know her history. A vet tech friend said to keep the honey close by, but wasn't sure about reducing the insulin.

Any advice is appreciated!

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