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Default Re: New member looking for advice

I would test a bit more . Resistance may be broken for whatever reason and the need for less insulin maybe in order .

To reduce by a couple units Maybe something to think about but if you continue to see a lower trend maybe below 150 you may want to take it down another couple units if reducing by 2 units did not do the trick You just want to make sure things are stabilized and maybe have the trend tic upwards . Low blood Is dangerous . A friend of my daughter ( human ) died in his sleep from low blood sugar but Its unusual to see a problem with a dog whose blood sugar is being tested

Its not unusual to see this. sometimes It can be an illness that has healed ,maybe a medication removed or just time for the body to adapt to injected insulin . You will never know and it might be a temporary trend . Now seeing numbers in the 100s and 200s is really good and if consistent thats where you would like to be if thats possible .
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