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Default Taking blood sugar tests

Hello, new to this forum so please be patient and lenient. I respond better than from a sharp smack on the nose. LOL

I have ben attempting to try to get glucose tests from Kiwi, my pup. She is a terrier mix and has been urinating an abundant amount, drinking almost two gallons a day and throwing up intermittently.

I have a test kit, glucose strips and lancet puncture tool.

But having tried and failed half a dozen times, I am at a crossroad of frustration. The lancet needle is set to its maximum depth. I have tried her paw pad, the one she doesn't use. She yelps but no blood comes out even after 3 tries. She is fast developing a fear of the lancet, poor thing. I have tried her thin ears, she yelps but no blood. She doesn't have a massive venous system there as some dogs like retrievers do.

I have not tried her inner lip yet as Youtube videos show, but I think she would simply yelp, pull and wipe that off in micro-seconds flat.

Please, please, please have you any logical suggestions. I mean, anything that doesn't include bleeding her out. She is suppose to live through this is she not? haha

This is life-or-death to be honest as I HAVE to be able to monitor her blood regularly.
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