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Default Re: Newbie needing help

hello Donna and Max

yes food and amount are equally important as insulin.

too much insulin will cause hypoglycemia

yes dogs can be insulin resistant. i havent seen any.

just to mentiin the sensors libres are Not reliable for diabetic dog curves or any data as they read too high and too.low there not safe. doing home testing with a handheld glucometer like the Alphatrack is recommended.
doing home testing, weekly curves, raising and lowering insulin according to the curves lowest number will provide alot of data.. along with a good quality low fat food fed by the recommended mfg feed guide amount.

you.ll find 5 units closer to regulation for 29 lbs. a starting dose for a 29 lb dog is

.25 x 29 equals 7.25.

my dog was 22 lbs on 5 1/2 units and 1/2 cup of dry food twice a day.

first thing to check is the feed guide for a 29 lb dog. 1/2 cup may not be enough. food might not meet up with the 5 units.

you need to test after eating inject only if hes over 200 to avoid a hypo.
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