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Default Re: Newbie needing help

The stupid Libre sensor fell off this morning (after only 5 days) and my Alphatrack reader and strips donít come in until ThursdayÖ I feel like Iím in the dark! And to make matters worse, Iím going away for the weekend to the beach on a planned min-vacation with a dear friend. My husband will be caring for Max here at home, but Iíll still worry Ė he doesnít so someone here has too! LOL Iíd cancel, but my friend just lost her 5 year old dog after a 5 day hospital stay with a blood transfusion every day to Lymphoma. After that stressful event, I feel like she really needs it, so will not cancel.
Bottom line, this means I will not be able to do a curve until next Tuesday, so will leave him at 5 units until then. I just pray he does okÖ
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