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Default Re: Elderly long-term diabetic having weird episodes

Thank you both so much for taking the time to reply. It was so heartening to find your responses and suggestions - I'm sorry that it's taken me a few days to find time to reply.

Mo and Jesse Girl, the insulin dose is definitely something that I have been concerned about as well - I have wondered if it is too high, or out of balance with her food, and making her bounce around all over the place. I think the fact that she's been so inconsistent with her food isn't helping the food-insulin balance. I really appreciate you both flagging that - it's made it clear to me there is an issue there.

Mo, we do home test, and we more or less do a mini curve most days nowadays. Here are her basic numbers from the last few days:

Thursday, 4 June - Alert and eating very well.
7am - 25
7am - 19 units insulin, breakfast
11am - 12
6:30pm - HIGH (above 34)
6:30pm - 20 units insulin, dinner
8pm - 13.1
11:30pm - 13.8

Friday, 5 June - Extremely lethargic and eating poorly.
7am - 21.5
7am - 15 units insulin, breakfast (ate almost nothing)
9am - 14.6
11am - 10
1:30pm - 11.5
3:30pm - 16.4
6:30pm - 22.5
6:30pm - 16 units insulin, dinner (ate almost nothing)
9pm - 16.9
11:30pm - 14

Saturday, 6 June - Lethargic and ate small amounts.
7am - HIGH (above 34)
7am - 20 units insulin, breakfast
11am - 15.4
2:30pm - 7.3
6:30pm - 12.4 pre dinner
7pm - 23 after dinner (small amount)
7pm - 12 units
9:30pm - 11.1
12:30am - 28.6
12:30am - 5 units insulin

Sunday, 7 June - Tired but increasing alertness and eating well.
7am - 23
7am - 15 units insulin, breakfast
9am - 10.8
12pm - 10.5
6:30pm - HIGH
6:30pm - 20 units insulin, dinner

As you can see, we've tried lower insulin over the past couple of days where appropriate, but it's probably too early to tell? After the lower insulin yesterday, I ended up having to give the rest of the dose before bed because her BG was very high and she was very lethargic and disoriented. She did perk up and become more alert within about 15 minutes of having the extra insulin.

What you say about the inflammatory response also sounds like it could be a factor for her, Jesse Girl - with the arthritis and the eye issues, as well as her anxiety. I know whenever she's anxious about anything, her BG just goes through the roof.

Jesse Girl, can I ask you a bit more about the one meal a day feeding?

Funnily enough, before Juicy was diagnosed, she and her sister used to have one raw food meal a day (I was worried about bloat, basically), but when she was diagnosed, the vet said she would need to eat twice a day. I definitely see the advantage, but my main worry would be her anxiety around changing her routine - nowadays, the slightest change in routine unsettles her for the rest of the day, which has a knock-on effect on her appetite and blood sugar. Did you find the transition hard? How do you manage insulin?
If you have time, I would love to hear a bit more.

I am planning to take her to the vet tomorrow for another check-up - I am concerned that she might still have some underlying infection that we haven't picked up somehow.

Thank you so much again, both of you, for taking the time to reply and offer your insights - I really do appreciate it very much.
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