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Originally Posted by Riliey and Mo View Post
good for you getting the handheld glucose meter. your all set to do a curve and take more control of your dogs diabetes.

lease post what food hes eating and how much thanks?

the sensor freestyle libre is NOT reliable. it reads too high and too low. its not accurate and in my opinion should never ever be used solely for diabetic dogs.

theres lots of info here on starting out your journey testing , doing curves.

a curve is testing blood sugar every 2 hours starting at fasting for a 12 hour period.

goodluck were here to help you!

Andy is 33# given 1 cup 7 am and another 1 cup 6:00 nutra chicken, Vet started off at 5 iu novalin n bid, moved him to 6 and sugars did not move, i suggested going to 7 and she said that was too much and the readings on the libre were low. I moved him to 7 iu bid and his sugars are 348,320 and a low of 220. Question can you move to 8 iu next week as he was on 7 iu for a week is doing better and acting more normal. I am testing 2-3 times a day with rely on meter and strips and his bloods are 340-225 depending on the time. The vet is telling me he is not responding to novalin n and wants to go to vetsulin?? I dont think the insulin dose are high enough, hes been diagnosed fir about 6 weeks now, is that enough time to achieve the proper insulin dose?? Quite honestly the vet is not much help and wants an insulin change, not looking forward to starting over. I m planning on going to 8 iu this weekend and monitor him! Any risk to go to 8 iu and see what it does for him?? Thanks for all the help!! I learned more on here than any vet
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