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Old 12-30-2011, 04:30 PM
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Default Re: Merry Christmas! New Lucy photo

Originally Posted by Abby's Mom View Post
A wonderful story. So glad that Lucy has a forever home, and from people who truly love her for what she is.

All of you are amazing!
Agreed! Thanks, Natalie, for the story. It happened before we found this group, but yesterday I looked at an early pic of Lucy. Wow, she's had a transformation! I'm glad everyone pulled together--something the people here do well--and rescued her.

(((Hugs))) to all from me and Izzy (also a rescue),

Ruffles was a Cairn Terrier mix born May 1997~~RIP 12/6/2010~~She was "a heartbeat at our feet"~~Gone, but not forgotten~~
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Bella--Yorkie rescue; BD 9/2013 +/-; RIP 5/2015
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Old 12-30-2011, 11:34 PM
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Default Re: Merry Christmas! New Lucy photo

That is an amazing story! I cannot imagine the anger you felt when you found out the real story but the fact that you kept after it and that everyone pulled together to help this little dog...truly a miracle! She is so obviously the sweetest dog...look in her eyes! Thank you to all of you and especially to Rick for doing this! It makes me believe just a little bit more in the human race and what we are capable of when it comes down to it. Not so ashamed to be a human being today. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! (and I'm sure Lucy is thinking same thing every day of her new life!)Hugs!
Shell and Hank (aka Mr. Pickypants) - now deceased (4/29/1999 - 12/4/2015) Cairn Terrier mix who was diagnosed 8/18/2011 and on .75 U Levemir 2Xday. Miss you little man!
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Old 12-31-2011, 07:27 AM
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Default Re: Merry Christmas! New Lucy photo

Oh my dog, I was just thinking about Lucy and wondering how she is doing. She looks fabulous! Thank you so much, Rick, for coming back to share Lucy's picture with us. It's hard to believe Lucy's plight started three years ago. I wish I aged as well as Lucy.

Lucy definitely had a few angels watching over her. Rick and his wife were two of them but I think she had her own personal winged angel. I didn't hold out much hope that Lucy would get any attention at So California's largest Pet Expo but I prayed she would and I was so very grateful to Rick for the long drive he had to make to get her there. There were literally thousands of dogs from just about every shelter and rescue in So Cal (plus a few breeders -gack) to choose from but it was Lucy that Dr. Dave and Connie connected with. Who would have thought that a little blind Cattle Dog with diabetes would not only be chosen to be a new family member that day, but chosen by a doctor and wife, who wasted no time engaging the best eye surgeon around to restore her vision. Luck? I don't think so.

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Old 12-31-2011, 11:00 PM
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Default Re: Merry Christmas! New Lucy photo

Oh my gosh!!! RICK!!! Lucy looks awesome!!! Thank you so much for posting the pic and update!

I think about Lucy so often - I don't think I'll ever forget that particular rescue for as long as I live! I think it was at Christmas time, too, that we first saw that Craigs List ad and a bunch of us starting networking and trying to figure out how we could get her to safety. I think I will always associate Christmas with Lucy's rescue.

It was such a high when you offered to foster Lucy and when you went to get her and then when she got adopted by Dr. Dave and Connie! I remember there was a great pic of Lucy sitting in a fancy chair. And then after they had her cataract surgery done to restore her vision (didn't they fly in a special anaesthesiologist to monitor during her surgery?) I remember a pic that you posted here with the caption "I can see!!!"

But I think one of my favourite pics ever is the one you still have as your avatar pic here - with Lucy sitting next to a pile of something she'd gotten off the counter, with an innocent look on her face that was like "who, me???"

Thank you so much for the update! Happy New Year to you and yours and next time you are in touch with Dr. Dave and Connie, please tell them to give Lucy a kiss from me, from all the way up here in Canada.
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